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          It’s Time:100 years of BirdLife

          A century ago, visionary conservationists concerned about the plight of the world’s birds and the wider environment came together to form an international movement.

          People are destroying and consuming nature at a devastating rate. Birds are our early warning system. BirdLife International is the largest international Partnership for nature conservation. 

          We are a global family of over 115 national partners covering all continents, landscapes and seascapes.

          100 Yearsof BirdLife

          At midday on 20 June 1922, a group gathered at the London home of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Robert Horne – then MP for Glasgow. United by their passion for birds, the group decided that co-ordinated international action was the answer to the various threats birds faced and founded The International Council for Bird Preservation (ICBP) – now BirdLife International.

          Bezos Earth Fund Bets on Birds

          The Bezos Earth Fund announced today that it was granting a total of $17 million in two grants to BirdLife International to fund scaled up work in two key initiatives, its Conserva Aves partnership and the Key Biodiversity Partnership.


          A healthy planet should be a universal human right

          Sign the petition to make it a UN-recognised human right for mankind to live on a healthy planet.


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          The latest conservation news and breakthroughs, delivered to your door.

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          Our evidence-backed approach ensures your money will always go where it’s needed most.

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          Join a worldwide community of people who care about birds and conservation, and help to make a real difference.

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